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  1. Alright, lets say I'm freash out of school. I want to put together a series of low budget films, with older looks to them(Probably one of the most important aspects for me) . Now forgeting for a moment about any other expense, actors est. How much could I expect to pay for the services of a Cinematographer to help me get this look?
  2. So would it be incorrect for me to say that i wanted a (For instance) shot of the villian's lair tilted a little to the side like the 60's Batman show, and as the Villian comes in i want a Birds eye view shot, and finish with a worm's eye view.
  3. Also, Hypothetically, if i were a director. And wanted certain scenes throughout the entire film to look like ones from the movies above(even showing clips from them, to the cinematographer). How would i go about telling it to the Director of Photography or Cinematographer? That is the most respectable way to say it, so as i'm not sounding like i'm trying to tell them their business. Does the Cinematographer comply with the interest of the Director, or is he himself in charge of how a scene is to be lit and seen?
  4. Hey thanks, I'm saving all this information in a file. But I did still have one question, if i were to purchase a digital camera and lense. What would get me the closest to this look? That is what digital Camera, (cause i can't affort to buy a film camera right now) would you suggest for a modest price, would come close? I was looking at the Cannon HV30 camcorder, but what do you guys think? Is that just way out of the league, or could it be alright for starting out.
  5. Yeah, I just watched it agian this morning actually. It is also one of my favorites.
  6. In any of the following films: Day of the Dead, 1985 Into the Night, 1985 The Wraith, 1986 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, 1982 Theif, 1981 Innerspace, 1987 The 'burbs, 1989 Firestarter, 1984 Fright Night, 1985 Escape From New York, 1981 Vice Squad, 1982 Waxwork, 1988 Sixteen Candles, 1984 and finally Alone in the Dark 1982 Some are late 80's i know, but i still like the look of these films. Can anyone tell me,any of the film stocks used in any of these productions? And if so i would also like to know, if it is possible to make movies look like these films nowadays? How about with a digital camera? And if so which one? If these movies were on a low buget back then, would they not be able to be made cheaper the same way today? On top of that i would like to note that i am eceptionaly fond of the way night in the city is captured with these films,(Vice Squad) do cities still look like this today, or have the street lights changed?
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