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  1. Hi, Im looking to invest roughly $1200 on a grading monitor. Could someone with good knowledge with monitors put me on the right direction? I'm thinking a second hand 2009 hp dreamcolor which has been really popular in the past or a new eizo sx2462W. What would people recommend? Thanks
  2. Hi, I will be shooting a video in the coming weeks. This is the kind of look I'm going for: I'm not very experienced with lighting and i'm trying to get the hang of it. What kind of lights would you recommend? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm buying my first teleprompter. I will be using to make low budget profile videos and so forth. I'm choosing between the one take teleprompter and teleprompter people. http://www.onetakeonly.com/OneTakeOnly/Pad_Prompter.html and http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/iPad-2-Teleprompter-Kit-w-Mount-Teleprompter-Case-/130621057208?pt=US_Tablet_Accessories&hash=item1e699f28b8 Any advice or experiences with these prompters would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Awesome! thanks for the explanation. So GoP is just one method of compression. There are also others like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, h.264 etc. Is iframe uncompressed and all full images? What do dslrs like 7d and 5d use? And what do higher end cameras like reds and arris use? I'd love to know. Thanks!
  5. ahhh, ok its starting to click. I understood your explaination. So thats why low GOP is good. Because each frame has more of its own independent data instead of a set up frames which just record the changes. Is this just so each frame has less info and really just records the changes from previous frame instead of a whole new frame therefore its being compressed? Does it just make a difference in editing or can you see the difference as well?
  6. Okay, i think i may be getting it. So lets say you have 24fps. Each of those 24 frames have their own number of frames with in them which hold a certain detail? Or From 24 frames, a certain number of them are combined to compress the data? Kind of like interlacing? Thanks for the reads. I read them. So I may be getting it.
  7. Hi, I've been trying to understand what GOP is. Everything I read is too complicated. Maybe if someone could dumb it down I'll start to understand it. Thanks
  8. Oh cool, so its just a steadicam facing yourself? I love that effect. How do you hide the body suit? and how do you stop the arm from moving around. is there a way to lock it?
  9. Theres a effect I really like but not sure how to achieve it. When the subject is moving it feels like the camera is attached to their body facing them and moves with them. In the chorus of this song they've used this effect. This song also uses it. Like you can see at 2:22secs I'd love to know what its called and how it is achieved:) Thanks
  10. Given that fact that the entire camera unit on a Iphone 4s is smaller than a human finger nail and far smaller than just the sensor inside a 5D i am shocked at the how close the images are. With a fast apature lens it can also get a good shallow depth of field. Like in this video How can it get such good footage when the camera unit is so small? The sensor must be tiny. Will it be bad for videographers if everyone has easy access to great quality cameras? Will it reduce the value of our work?
  11. Thanks for your replies everyone. It makes sense now:)
  12. ok cool, and by HD=digital and SD=analogue?
  13. Just so i understand correctly PAL and NTSC apply to analogue television, and also apply to digital television. Or PAL and NTSC are only restricted to analogue television and are outdated and make no difference with digital HD and SD television. So Australian digital channels can now broadcast all formats whether rendered in PAL, NTSC or SECAM?
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