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  1. The latest music video I shot for Nause. It's a completely unscripted story/event. Shot on Alexa with Ultra Prime LDS and Optimo 28-76 + three Nikon D800 with nikon-lenses. https://vimeo.com/91797235 Thanks
  2. Hello I'm a young cinematographer, 1AC and still photographer from Sweden planning to go to Los Angeles for a few month because I need some change and see whats out there. I'm not planning to move for real, but don't just want to be on a long vacation. It would be great to learn somethings on the way. Thats why i'm asking for names on some good rental houses in the LA area or other places that might offer a part time work or internship that could justify a longer stay then a few weeks. I think that would be a good way to see how the industry works in LA, because i think it will be a lot different then in Sweden. Would be great if you could point me in the right directions with names, emails and numbers. Thanks! / Olle Kirchmeier http://ollekirchmeier.se
  3. I'd shoot a music video with around 100 light bulbs in a very small room and as the only light source. (expect from some small light panels for some shots). We did use low energy lights because of the heating normall 60w bulbs produce, it worked out pretty well, but still got very very hot. The room was like 2.5 x 4m. I heard that the low energy lights can be very different in color temperature but nothing that we noticed, and we didn't have any problem matching them with the light panels. Good luck! /Olle
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