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  1. Are the ASA ratings the same for Super 8mm film as they are for regular 35mm film? I've never seen Super 8mm film advertised as being 1600 ASA for example. The numbers are always low. Why is that? Also, what's the crop factor like for Super 8mm film?
  2. Wishes people wouldn't mistake his honesty for anger.

  3. I - Hate - Spammers.

  4. Nearly jumped out of his car when he heard that The Candy Shop was premiering on PBA in an NPR news spot!

  5. Almost done with the treatment for the first feature length!! AHHH!! SO EXCITED!

  6. Just sent in his application to the 2011 Whitestone Cinematography Protege Program. Hands together and prayers goin' up.

  7. Reading my brains out. Cinematic Storytelling is changing my life. Filmmaking ain't "nothin' but a grind" in the words of Ray Lewis.

  8. Cinematic Storytelling and my DVI/HDMI cable have arrived in LaGrange. Now if the post office would hurry up and deliver my mail.

  9. Needs to watch "There Will Be Blood" after having read "Cinematic Storytelling" and "How to Read a Film".

  10. Just found a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for 30.00 from B&H. Also just wrote a quick and dirty summary for a script about a voodoo slave uprising! Tonight is going to be quite a night.

  11. I just finished cleaning/reorganizing my room, decided how to allocate my next paycheck, and monetized my blog. abar189.blogspot.com. Go click on something!!

  12. Just ordered "Cinematic Storytelling", "The Filmmaker's Handbook", and a HDMI/DVI cable for my monitor. Feelin' good :).

  13. Has PTSD from watching someone play "Amnesia: Descent into Darkness" for over an hour. Scariest game ever.

  14. One day it'll all work out, that's what I keep telling myself. If not, I've always got my first loves - film, and music. Everything else is secondary.

  15. Iced in with the crew :). Waaarr Eagle!!

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