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  1. In one of the guest lectures at my school, the filmmaker talked about how cinema industry competed with TV in the 1950's. He mentioned that 3D technology, pansensory cinema, cinemascope are some of the approaches Hollywood took to bring the audience back to theater. I googled pansensory cinema and I didn't get anything. What is pansensory cinema? Are there a different term for this. Thanks.
  2. In one of the book I am reading, it says "Most of them (HMI Lighting) run on 240 volts and can be used only with crystal cameras." I didn't get any clear information on crystal cameras in google search. What does crystal camera mean? Thanks.
  3. I know what POV is but I don't know what optical POV is. In one of the book I am reading, it analyzes Alfred Hitchcock's movie Shadow of a Doubt. Context: "Throughout the film, Hitchcock uses optical point of view, often allowing the audience to share Young Charlie’s vantage point." Is optical POV the same as POV or slightly different?
  4. In one of the book I am reading now, the author mentioned about negative insurance but no explanation was given. My understanding is, this insurance is for the film negative. Is this correct or does this have completely different meaning?
  5. Hi: I am new to filmmaking. I was reading an interview by Rodrigo Prieto (DP). He said "The S4s felt a tiny bit less harsh and a touch warmer than the ultra primes. It was hard to see initially; we have to A-B project them over and over". What is A-B project? Thanks
  6. I rented Arri 16 mm film camera and Sony PMW-EX3 Digital Camera for my documentary shoot. I tried cleaning the lens using the Giotti Air blower + regular lens solution and fiber cloth but it's not working perfect. What is the best method to clean these lenses? I am looking for something around $ 50 or less? Thanks
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