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  1. I have a 16mm processing machine for disposal - made by Arri for ECN-2 process, in storage in Devon. Needs to go immediately. Mostly complete and relatively easy to move due to the modular construction. It's been in storage for a few years. Anyone interested? otherwise it gets recycled. Images available on request.
  2. Hello I am David Wilkinson and I am still waiting for a reply. I have sent several emails to guy@cameraspro.com but have received no replies so far. Does anyone know what is happening at Cameras Pro? The website seems to be back up and running so I assume they are still in business. Guy, if you read this please contact me. Hope to hear something soon. David Wilkinson
  3. Hi Bryan - I am also looking for Guy and I just discovered that his website is no longer functional (Jan 14 2011). Is this a bad sign? He was emailing me regularly up until November, then silence. Any news from you? David Wilkinson
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