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  1. Wide open Super Speeds start to get quite soft in my opinion. Some good stills lens options, I've got a big set of old Nikons (non-AI, AI & AIS) which have a great look but not great in terms of consistency across the set.
  2. Yes, card formatted in camera first and card lock is off.
  3. Hi Daniel, Thanks for the reply, these resources are great. In terms of the optical qualities I'm after, I'm looking for the type of qualities that something like a Superspeed might give in terms of flare and softness. There seem to be some great new lenses coming out now that offer these characteristics, so I don't necessarily need one that was manufactured decades ago. However, just out of interest, I'd love to know what lenses were manufactured prior to digital large format cameras that would cover a full frame. Cheers,
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble loading custom LUTs and picture profiles onto my Canon C500 mkii. This is my process so far: Load .cube LUT onto a formatted SD card (this SD card works fine as I recently used it to update camera firmware), put into SD slot, power camera, go to Monitoring setup>page 11>User LUT 1> once I click on any of the user LUTs, all options past that are greyed out. So I can't click on register etc. A similar thing is happening when I try to load a custom picture profile, "Load from SD card" is greyed out. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm after some vintage (or vintage style) spherical lenses that cover full frame. Does anyone know what ones might work? I've found a few modern "vintage style" lenses that would do the trick e.g: the Genesis G35s and the Celeres. Are there any actual vintage spherical lenses that will cover a full frame sensor? Also - does anyone know if the Hawk Vantage One T1 lenses cover full frame? They don't mention in on their website. Thanks all! Tim.
  6. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone knows a good place to buy 2 inch plastic film cores for an Arri SR2? I can only see a few for sale on eBay with quite high shipping prices. Quite a lot to pay for something that will be sent off to the lab. Also, could anyone enlighten me to the different uses of 2 inch vs 3 inch film cores? are 2 inch to hold 100' rolls and 3 inch for 400'? Many thanks!
  7. I'm interested in hearing people's different choices in shutter speed. I know that the standard for drama is 1/50 or 1/60. Does anyone prefer to shoot a faster shutter than that? and what is the standard choice for action, or offspeed (e.g 100fps) Does anyone's choice vary depending on what format they are shooting? If anyone has any standard format they follow with regard to shutter speed it would be great to hear. Regards, Tim.
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