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  1. Offered here is a Nagra SN Tape Recorder in excellent condition. Perfect working order with many extras including: 14 tapes Tsr 260 resolver (Ryder magnetic sales corporation) - Very rare Original shoulder carrying case Chords Couple lav microphones Copy of original instruction manual (Accessories alone are worth $1200...$300-$500 in tape alone) Available for inspection/pickup in West LA. Email anytime. Thanks! Happy to send more photos upon request.
  2. Offered here is a near new Jurgens eyepiece extension in immaculate condition... $500. OBO?
  3. Offered here are (2) Vinten quick releases 3761 These very heavy duty releases are still available from B and H via special order for over $700. a piece! $250. each or $400. for them both
  4. Offered here is a basically new Schneider Xenon 50mm F2 lens in standard Arri mount. It doesn't appear as if it has ever been on a camera (this was a backup that I just found). The lens covers Super 35 and 4K. If you have been looking for this lens, this is the nicest you will find! NO: cleaning marks-haze-fungus-mounting marks- no marks at all! Aperature blades are immaculate and focus is smooth! Priced well under the market, it will go very fast $500.
  5. Offered here is an excellent Arri 16S with an Angenieux 12-120 zoom and a 400' magazine with torque motor. I have owned this camera for many years and it has been serviced regularly. The camera performs to manufacturers specs and is a great starter package to shoot one of the great 16mm pin registered cameras! It has been updated to an XLR power connector for ease of operation. $750.00 OBO Thanks for looking
  6. My guess would be in the area of $50.+/- for packing and shipping. I can check further if you'd like? What is your zip code? Thx
  7. Offered is a small lighting package: 1 Arri 650 fresnel with barn doors and scrims...excellent near new condition $250.(individual sale) 1 Arri 650 fresnel with barn doors and scrims...excellent near new condition $250.(individual sale) 1 Arri 2k frensel with barn doors and scrims...excellent condition $300.(individual sale) 1 2k soft with egg crate very nice condition $200.(individual sale) Package total $800. All lights have been privately owned and not rented. Lights are location in Los Angeles and available for pickup (which I would prefer) I would prefer to sell as a package.
  8. Offered is a Bolex Rex 1 Reflex in excellent condition... $100.00 Camera is in LA for pickup or can ship once camera and shipping payment (at cost) via Paypal is complete... Thanks
  9. O'Connor 50 fluid head with adapter plate and two arms on Peter Lisand standard legs with spreader. Head is smooth with no leaks and everything locks as manufactured. Bubble level full Just needs to be cleaned up a bit cosmetically $300. for pickup in LA (listed on CL for $350)
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