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    Epic news

    I'm seriously considering Alexa now for a few reasons. Having recently used one, it's undoubtedly designed with cameramen in mind. Balanced beautifully on my shoulder, didn't require complex configurations, etc. And the image was stunning. The company I work for is waiting on an EPIC but I begin to wonder if an Alexa would be a better investment both aesthetically and financially. It's like the question: do I pay 25,000 for RPP's that rent for 300/day or 75,000 for UP's that rent for 750/day? The UP's will go off the shelf at least 3 times for every RPP rental. The math speaks for itself. At the end of the day, whichever produces the most pleasing images and best workflow will be in demand.
  2. My fast rule with IR is anything above ND9, I use IR ND's. Has been working fine. There's a pretty extensive test page at reduser.net. I also keep my ND's and IR's the same brand for consistent color shift.
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