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  1. Previously loved and fully tricked out Arri Alexa Plus package for sale. This is our last one in house, so you get all the extra goodies bundled with it. This Alexa has treated us incredibly well for the past 8 years. It's still hard to beat that ALEV III imager we all know and love. This camera has relatively low hours and significant cosmetic wear. Alexa Plus 16:9 SN# 3172, 3737 Hours and still running strong! $7395.00 Highspeed and Anamorphic Desqueeze License Installed. PL Mount , Anton Bauer Gold Mount w/ Quad PT Sandwich Plate Ten 32GB SxS Pro Cards SBAC US10 SxS Card Reader EVF-1 SN# 3315 w/ VMB-1 EVF Mount 2x Short, 2x Medium, & 1x Long Length EVF Cable! BP-13 15mm Bridgeplate and BP-12 19mm Bridgeplate Arri Dovetail BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adapter WA-1 Wedge Adapter Shoulder Pad Top Handle w/ HEB-2 Handle Extension Block LB-1 Leveling Block Steadicam Low Mode Plate! 2 Pin Fischer 24V Power Cable 5 Pin Male to 2x 3 Pin Female Audio Input Cable Alexa Ethernet Cable Antenna A&J Custom Foamed Shipping Case
  2. Last year I began the process of constructing an experimental S35mm Telecine out of a pair of gutted tabletop Analysis style silent 35mm projectors. Results with a Red One & 100mm Macro Lens pointed at the gate were very promising, considering the little effort I had put into the project. I am now replacing the lamphouse with a more appropriate color temperature controllable led light source than before. While I have a contact closure trigger tapped off of one of the existing motors and am able to drive single frame capture on the red via a simple relay board the image steadiness is a huge issue at any speed. The projector has a movement controlled by two separate motors. One drives an eight pin rake that constantly speeds back and forth across the film, while a second moves the whole rake/claw/pins just in time to engage the film and hold it in place for projection at your desired frame rate. Its pretty scary to watch and loud, even at 1fps. So my plan has been to replace this constant motor with a large software controlled 12V stepper motor and relays with USB boards from pc-control.co.uk. I have most of this gear on hand now. Of course, I basically am replacing all the motor drive in the projector's movement, while slowing down the system to a much much much slower pace. If anyone has any ideas, other than to tell me this is a crazy waste of my time, i'd love to hear them!
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