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  1. Thanks for the advice. We ended up using an Optex lens system because there was no need for the T-Rex's image rotation or 3-axis function. The DOP only needed a straight borescope and the Optex was quite cheaper to rent. But we tested both lens systems and they performed equally well. There was no difference in light loss (both were T5.6) and the only difference was the light flaring quality of the Optex which the DOP preferred. We also used 3 filters and did not experience any ghosting or aberrations. I think you are right about the tilted filters Oliver and I will definitely try that next time I do a gear check. I can really recommend both these lens systems now for the Alexa. Reg Voges DIT Cape Town
  2. Thanks Dom, We ended up using the Optex as it had a slightly sharper image and a better light flaring quality - which is exactly what the DOP wanted. There was no need for the T-Rex's image rotation or other functions - although it was a marvelous lens system and tested really well on the Alexa. The Optex borescope was very simple to use and initially the DOP hoped that it would have a PL mount adapter for Master Primes, but the one we got could only use the Optex Field-of-view lenses. Apparently there is a PL mount available for the Optex. The result was very impressive and I can recommend either lens systems to be used with the Alexa, depending on your need. Reg Voges Digital Imaging Technician Cape Town South Africa
  3. I am the DIT on an Alexa job where they will be using the P+S Technik T-Rex Borescope to shoot fish in a tank of water. The effect would be to have very imposing, macro shots of the fish. I would like to know how much light will be lost in the T-Rex and if it is the best lens relay system to use with the Alexa. The alternative would be an Excellence Optex system.
  4. Reg Voges

    T-Rex on ALEXA

    I would like to know if anyone has experience using the P+S Technik T-Rex borescope lens system on the Alexa. We are using it to shoot macro shots of fish in a fish tank and shooting through the glass. My concern is all that glass in front of the sensor and what the effect will be besides a loss of light. I have heard of ghosting when using the Alexa with big zoom lenses or many filters - any chance that something similar may happen with the T-Rex. And are there perhaps better alternatives - eg the Excellence Optex system? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
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