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  1. Hi David, Here in France the PhD I would do seeks projects mixing Arts and Science. I would be working with: - la Fémis (responsible for the artistic side) - ENS Louis-Lumière (because my director is a teacher there) - ENS Ulm (referent for the scientific part). My background is maths and physics (MS in one of the very best French grande-école: ENS Lyon). I invented special lenses (think a much better version of Panavision-Hylen mixed with tilt), I created a company around this, patent pending. The PhD is for me a way to go back to research, while working on the company at the same time. My French director is the main teacher in optics for Cinematographers and Photographers both at la Fémis and Louis-Lumière. He would direct the technical part of the thesis, including precise technical analysis of the lenses I will focus on (Lensbaby, Panavision Hylen, Anamorphic, Soft Focus, zone plate, light-field -although it's not a lens-...). I am looking for another director for my thesis who would be based in California and teaching Cinematography there, more on the artistic side. If the school they teach at grants a PhD, I would like to do two or three semesters there. I will come to California for my company anyway, starting with next April. 1 week in SF, 1 week in Las Vegas for NAB show, 10 days in Los Angeles to meet with potential PhD directors and hopefully potential clients for my company). And then Cinegear in June, where I plan on renting a booth to showcase my lenses.
  2. Hello, In your opinion, which would be the best film school in California to do a PhD in Cinematography? My subject would be on the technical side, namely a study of out-if-the-ordinary lenses (Lensbaby, Panavision Hylen, Anamorphic, Soft Focus, Lytro...). Additionally, if you know of someone doing research in this field, I am extremely interested. I have a Director and a school in France but would like to do this PhD with two schools, one in France and one in California (I will split my time between both for work on my company anyway).
  3. Thank you very much, I see I'm not the only one thinking of that :-) The static thing as in the first two examples in your link are known since, the beginning of 20th century. As I said in the PDF, medium format lenses using this could be found litterally 50 years ago. And the effect is a lot better than on the first video, where the customised diaphragm is misplaced in front of the lens, creates loads of flare, etc. I started to think of that kind of things with a LCD screen few years ago (a little while before Sony Xperia Pureness first apparition on the web, ~2008 I think), I spent the whole time with this thought in mind. And I think it is now mature enough, I've thought of basically everything, and I only need some fundings to be able to build a great quality prototype in no time. I've thought of a lot of various effects achievable with a dynamic aperture, too, and here is the real innovative thing. Edit : Sadly I can't edit my initial message, but as you saw, the examples I show there are not innovative themselves, the innovative thing is the ability to dynamically change the aperture, and that's explained in the .pdf.
  4. Hi, I'm new here, I thought my new project, which involves designing new kind of lenses able to achieve interesting effects, might grab your interest. Here is a link that explain briefly what it could do, and how it can be done. And here are some examples : (there is no post-processing apart from white balance and curves) If you are interested in getting such a lense, please contact me : burmese.z [a] gmail [dot] com If you know someone who might be interested, give them the .pdf and my email please :) If you want that kind of effects to be widely used in the near future, help me and spread the .pdf :-)
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