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  1. I am selling this 25mm cooke ser II. The condition is good and used. I have no use of it though it makes beautiful images (ask me for some). I am asking 800 plus shipping. ask me for other pictures anton.dedikov()gmail.com
  2. Thanks Andy! I got it for 3400 than added some other stuff so i am breaking even. This camera is really a work horse. 120fps film gun machine)) not an easy thing for mechanics.
  3. New price 4500 or old price with arri 6x6 mattebox included.
  4. I can include an arri 6x6 Studio mattebox for 15mm rods in good shape. All offers are considered
  5. ARRI III Third Generation 35mm PL Mount Camera Pkg. Good Working Condition Super35 Cinematography Electronics HS Control (120fps) 3-400' Magazine 1-200' Magazine 1-400' Magazine for steadycam Ext,eye piece Color video assist (Jurgen) Power cable Extra video door ( Needs Video Optics ) Extra video door Power Grip Camera grip 10X Viewfinder 1-Metal shipping case Arri 35-3 book Shipping Cost Based on Buyers Location other pictures upon request anton.dedikov@gmail.com I will sell it for 5000usd obo
  6. Hi Kevin! Your lens has arrived safe in your as for baby package. Thanks a million. Actually there was a tracking number on the box.
  7. Thanks Adrian! I think it is an important issue. I got to know that arri took the moviement from the moviecam and now it is arri ST! I have also seen the moviecam it looks a way advanced, quiet, light with non complicated servicing. So in comparison the arri looks like very strong brand. The strong part of the arri 3 is 120fps. May be someone has worked with both cameras for a long time and can share his field experience.
  8. Hi Dom! Thank you. {simply because no camera is as reliable as an Arri. B)} That is a good point! I've heard that you need once in a year oil a moviecam and that is it. So, low maintenance. I'd love to do a test but i d'not have an easy access to the rental house (need to drive 400 km) And afterwords you can't exchange one test with years of experience in the field, that is why i want to weight the pros and cons basing it on your experience. If i would be a car racer i would know what car suggest for what particular reason. I am understanding that both cameras are of the same class (not taking into account sound), same weight, the image is the same stable, with slightly higher reliability of the arri. Do you know if it is the same price range nowadays?
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