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  1. They help you to enhance your professional skills.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Do you know what are they asking during the interviews? What are they for? Thank you.
  3. Mike Williamson has you applied to AFI before or this is your first time? And after your interview can you please talk about it, so we can know what is it like? If we are asked for interviews does it mean that we have already advantage over other applicants or everybody asked for interviews? Thank you and good luck with your interview!
  4. Is it to hard to get in to AFI in cinematography discipline? I have applied for fall 2005 and I am already asked for an intervew. What happens after intervie? Am I too close to get in or? Isn't is the best program for cinematography? Are there any other applicants here, who got any response or know what is going on in AFI this year? I think they are short in editing and production design applicants. I wish that was for cinematography! Thank you.
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