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  1. Hi Creating a short all CG tongue in cheek homage to 'Close Encounters' and want to use the four note theme(not actual music, just the four notes. Is this considered copyright infringement or fair use? This is a web only personal and personal promo piece. The world pf copyright is sometimes quite obtuse and wanted to get some expert advice here.
  2. Ontario Bread is the largest and oldest existing Polish bakery in both Toronto and Canada. A modest tribute to both the bakery and its many workers over the past 80 years.
  3. James B

    Arri on Kon-tiki

    Just saw a week ago at TIFF. Stunning cinematography. Shot mostly on Arri http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1613750/ Arri Alexa Plus, Zeiss Master Prime and Fujinon Alura Lenses Red One MX Sony NEX-FS100 Not familiar with Geir Hartly Andreassen's work but have heard Max Manus is pretty good http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0366911/ Look for this to be a best foreign film nomination come Oscar season.
  4. Hi About to embark on a small project, combination music video and interview for a client who is also a creative director. For purposes of my reel, of course I want director credit, but more importantly, I want to have full creative control over camera angle, shot list and editing. Of couse I would solicit the client's feedback for edit revisions, but I was wondering how one'formalizes' the degree of creative control on any project, big or small. I'm well aware of all the disagreements that well known directos have had over not having 'final cut' on their projects. And historically, in any creative profession, there has been no shortage of controversy over who gets credit and who contributed what. The Beatles infamous Lennon McCartney partnership comes to mind. How would one put this in writing? Can you put a 'percentage' amount on degree of creative input you will allow the client to make?
  5. Hi As a 3D novice, I'd really appreciate some solid advice on creating 'realistic' 3d objects that can be composited with live action. My inspiration is 'The 3rd and the Seventh', really a work of art. What software should I consider as a starting point?
  6. Pretty well a 1 man project due to budget. Shot in my spare time the past few months using a Canon 7D. Editing and post work Adobe Premiere and After Effects
  7. Also, was hoping someone might know the best way to SAFELY film this type of effect in the studio.
  8. Hi Can anyone who has done a lot of slo motion work tell me if 240 fps is fast enough for capturing exploding bottles or glass? Perhaps in conjunction with Twixtor if shot against blu-green screen in a studio?? Was thinking of renting the Sony FS700 Trying to capture something similar to this http://www.fotosearch.com/ATB425/um121/
  9. Hi Working on a concept for my reel that involves a shattered bottle in slow motion dramatically lit. Unfortunately I cannot afford the $2,500 day it would cost to rent a Phantom Flex (+ technician!) Are there any other more affordable options for this type of work?
  10. Thanks Can't afford to hire anyone, and besides, love learning all aspects of filmmaking! Realized after posting I was being too specific in mentioning After Effects. Will check out the tutorials on videocopilot.
  11. Hi I'm a relative newcomer to the world of 3d post FX and After effects. I have several locked down shots of building exteriors. I want to incorporate some basic 3d effects into these shots using After Effects. The 3d effect I want to create is best described as a glass globe that also emits light, that also 'travels' thru my footage. I'm wondering the best way to go about this. A very basic globe effect can be done using only displacement map techniques right in After effects. Additionally I can create any reflective surfaces inside AE, and match the perspective to my live footage. Any other tips or suggestions?
  12. Hi Perhaps not the perfect place to request feedback, but am still undecided on my next lens purchase. Currently, shooting7D, with Tamron 18-50 and Pentax takumar 50. Mostly run n gun type shooting and interview style setups. Candidates 1-Canon 17-55(for the IS, AFTER selling the Tamron) 2-Canon 35 1.4L (as an investment, especially if I upgrade to red-Scarlet in the future) 3-Canon 24mm1.4L(perhaps a tad wide, even on 7D, but considered one of the sharpest L lenses available) 4-Sigma 30 1.4 (as an alternative to the Canon 351.4L, could use the cash saved towards an additional lens or other gear) Anyone own and use any of these candidates, or have other suggestions?
  13. Hi Saw Source Code today and there was a shot near the end that had me scratching my head. Similar to the 3d frozen in time effect seen in Matrix and dozens of other commercials and films since then, but this was different in that the motion wasn't circular, but in a straight line like a standard steadicam shot. Perspective was changing but and people in the shot were perfectly frozen. Was this done in the same way (ie dozens of still cameras all lined up with a single shot taken from each camera)? Anyone know the answer?
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