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  1. Looking to buy a modular 51 set or AKS bag, or an Arri set bag. I'm hoping to find the older version of the Arri bag, I don't like the current one. I'm in LA.
  2. Anyone have any ideas why red and whitr have a glossy texture, rather than a rough one on smart slates? Not really an important question, but I bet there will be a lot of fun answers. And, go.
  3. I love this bag. http://www.511tactical.com/All-Products/Bags-Backpacks/Patrol/Patrol-Ready.html It's separated on the inside into 3 sections. I went ahead and bought some desk organizers from an office store to make them rigid. Usual set up is like this, Small square has kimwipes, and filters in it, back has hardmattes, full metal jacket, whip crank, hard tape, front has slate in it. I use the front outside compartments for air, water bottle, and then i keep gum, altoids, hand sanitizer. The sides I put other small tools I may need. There's a nice piece of soft side on the lid, I keep my soft tape attached to that, also extra filter tags.
  4. Chiming in to agree with shower curtain. Although, I'd probably use a 'bag-it' Make sure you build in ways to access your card slots, and any other thing you might have to pull. Also, be aware that when you open up the bag, you're going to have water dripping, so have a microfiber cloth handy.
  5. That's unfortunate you'll have to cover the cost yourself! But, I guess it's better than nothing at all. I think you'll be good for the most part. Car stuff will be a little difficult, and anything else with low clearance. But, hey, problem solving is fun. Just don't whip yourself in the face with the clip. Let us know how it goes! I'm 99% sure there's no EVF solution, but maybe there's something I hadn't thought of.
  6. Not sure that this is possibly. I can't imagine it is... You'd have to flip the viewfinder upside down first, then flip the image (like you guessed), I've never seen that feature before on an EVF. You can't even do that on a RED camera. It would also get weird for you arms, probably would be super uncomfortable for your right shoulder still, since it would have to be crossing your body. What about getting an EasyRig for the run of the show?
  7. Hey All, I know there are a lot of threads about "what's your most important tool", "what don't you go to set without" etc, But, I thought it'd be interesting to talk about what random tools or items you carry that happen to come in handy every so often. I won't start because everything in my kit is pretty typical. I haven't had a stroke of genius yet... And go!
  8. Thanks, Patrick! I wound up doing pretty much this exact thing. Instead of a shower curtain though, I wound up using a cut up Baggit. Ran into some clearance issues, there was no matte box for the rig, and we had a Bartech on it, so I had to make it 'baggy' enough on the front end to let the gear spin, which was tough because I had to seal around the barrel itself. I think I also had too many seams in an effort to make it more 'form fitted', next time (hopefully there will be real rain gear, though) I'll just make it less tight around the camera, and only have seams at the bottom and back. Thanks for the advice! Matt
  9. Oh, yeah. I've seen that before. Production won't swing for it.
  10. Hey everyone, Got called in for a two day job yesterday afternoon. I have my epic on a jib, completely stripeed down, 18-85 red zoom, and basically right in the middle of 2-3 water towers, it's constantly getting rained on (hard) at a very close range. Any ideas for bagging? Production won't/can't get a real rain jacket for it. I made due with some visqueen today, and then a trash bag towards the end of the day, The trash bag wouldn't be so bad, but our Redmote is finicky and I need to get to the back of the camera often, also, no microforce, so if I need to change focal lengths, I have to rip open the bag to change it. Any suggestions? cheers
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