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  1. hi everbody, my name is clemens krueger. i am a 27 year old 2nd cameraassistent from germany, right now living in brooklyn, new york. since i'll be staying in the us for quite some time, i would be great to work here! in germany, i've been involved in shooting commercials, feature films, music videos for 6 years now and 4 years as an 2nd cameraassistent. do you have any idea, how i can get into the filmbusiness here? i tried craigslist and mandy, but i'm not interestet in wedding videos and stuff like this. i prefer working for feature films, commercials and shortfilms. I'm also open for student and independentfilms, just to get the ball rolling. do you have any suggestions, where and how can i get in touch with other filmmakers? how important is it for a 2nd ac to have a good imdb profile? in germany, we use the internet database crewunited: english.crew-united.com?bio=94964 what is the easiest way to get into the union? thanks and greetings, clemens
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