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  1. Yes! That was it, thank you. Such an awesome community.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for remote gearhead options with wireless connectivity to a laptop. I want to use it for Cinetracer as a good way to communicate shots in prep, as well as good practice. I've seen these before, just don't know the name or details and can't find online.
  3. Thank you Mr. Mullen! I really appreciate all your contributions to learning. Would a mirror still need to be used to prevent overheating, as you mentioned with a xenon? I would think this would be the case with large tungsten units.
  4. I cannot imagine this being a leko or jo-leko. The output is way stronger than those put out. I assumed it was some sort of par, but I would think that would overheat being basically straight down.
  5. What type of light do you think was used for this toplight, or if you know please share. From The Greatest Showman - Rewrite the Stars scene - shot by Seamus McGarvey The beam is clean and seems like a tungsten fresnel but has the punch of a par with maybe a very narrow spot. I would think that these would overheat though pointing straight down. What are your thoughts?
  6. Thank you David. Thats pretty high, great to know!
  7. Another question regarding this. Can a skypanel with the 3.0 update shoot flicker free at 1000 fps? Considering using a couple s60's and getting more top down light.
  8. I searched for topics similar to this and could not find an answer: I'm looking at potentially working with the Arri Studio T12 tungsten light, with the unit voltage range of 230V. I'll be working on a stage with 5 wire 3 phase power. How would I power it from the wall (300 amp cam-lok) for what I believe would pull 208v? Let's say if this scenario is correct, it has a 208v lamp. Would I just need a 100 amp 250v snakebite? If this is the correct approach, is the power relatively evenly pulled from the two legs? I would also have have threefers at the original connections so I could power a
  9. I appreciate it, thank you David for all your help.
  10. With this in mind a 12k Big EyeSolorspot at full spot at 20 is 5900fc & 950fc full flood. Factor in diffusion cutting at least by half I'm thinking I could probably do medium spot and have exposure with one unit on the back edge
  11. Hello I'm lighting for 1000 fps. In the equation I originally compensated for shutter speed but I believe the following is now correct using shutter angle if you could please help if you know. I used the equation: 100asa at 180degree shutter, 24fps = 100fc at 2.8 For high speed I got: 800iso, 180degree, 998.4fps = 520fc at 2.8 Do I need to compensate for shutter or is this correct? Thank you
  12. How does the dynamic range hold up on the Dragon in comparison to the Mysterium-X? For example, say you're shooting at an ISO of 800, how do the highlights and shadows hold up in comparison to the Mysterium-X? This is a rather specific example but this is the type of insight I'm looking for.
  13. Yeah, I like both types of readings and don't want to carry around 2 meters.
  14. Looking for a good light meter. I know Sekonic is pretty solid. What type of meter is this one? Any clue? Looking for a good spot and incident meter if anyone has suggestions. Thanks
  15. Good to know. I was referring to tungsten but I did not know this. Thank you.
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