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  1. switched phones and lost all my numbers, message me with your number

  2. The music video I helped film for Holly Starr is being released tomorrow! #floridafilm

  3. does anyone have an image of the Reach Out event flyer from today?

  4. Jenson Martinelli is a better R.A. Than Paul Scott Harrison Froid Greg Burgess

  5. found my longboard, woop!

  6. slip n slide kickball, great success!

  7. crankin out a paper, but not right now, in a minute

  8. just had a good, quick, simple film shoot with Micah and Michael

  9. its awesome that seu is taking chapel out to the heart of the city with the LOVEOUTLOUD CONFERENCE.

  10. is this the first paper of the year? if im asking this then probably yes. should i close the facebook tab? yes

  11. boy meets world school break then off to play it again sports to scope out some wheels for the x-treme team!

  12. awesome night! preview days are always the best days. not to mention that preview days is mixed with homecoming.

  13. Jesus was not physically attractive, yet he spoke with authority. Moses had trouble speaking, yet he led an entire people group. Joseph was in jail, yet he became the leader of a nation. What characteristics make up a good leader? Your obedience and devotion will dictate your ability to lead.

  14. So I filled up the gas tank with fuel and im ready to go! aka drank some coffee

  15. Ate 2 McChickens and a holiday pie, then did Insanity. I feel like im going to drop

  16. So does anyone want a picture of them taken? I need to do it for a class

  17. Today in class I learned how to look up how much someone paid for their house and if they have a criminal record #creepinhard #supersleuth

  18. Track 1 of the Bauer Mixtape complete! Only took about 30 minutes!

  19. Layin down a track tonight for the Bauer Mixtape homeslice

  20. Stuff Christians Like: praying to God through a Facebook status

  21. I can't believe the semester is already over. Its been a good one. Have a great break everyone!

  22. who has a Vimeo account?

  23. to shave or not to shave?

  24. i figured out what i was missing to motivate me to do my paper: music. it stopped abruptly and i found myself on facebook.

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