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  1. This is a predominently student produced modern take on the Shakespearean classic, Love's Labor's Lost. Three best friends return to the camp where they met as children and make a pact to abstain from the company of women. Little do they know, three young women from a neighboring camp are going to make it difficult for them. Filming will be week days May 14-June 1 at SEU and other areas in Lakeland. Auditions will be held on April 13th from 5-11pm and 14th from 9am-6pm in Bolin Studio at Southeastern University. Email rereiswig@seu.edu to schedule an audition time slot. Please
  2. The Wataturu tribe has never been filmed before, be apart of creating a piece of history. Be apart of the first documentary trip from Southeastern University and help kickstart the others which will use the same equipment. http://www.indiegogo.com/Tanzania
  3. Hope all goes well, and perhaps we can stay in touch. Paul Tackett
  4. I will answer this question the best I can. I am still learning, but I also will state that I will always be learning. So this is how I am taught to look at lighting: You are lighting a scene, not the actors. Start with your master. Light the scene how you see fit. When you go into tighter shots use your master as a reference and light it accordingly. The more control you have, the better your film will look. For exteriors this is the same, the more control you have the better. There are different views and styles of how to light day exteriors, but this is how I do it: bac
  5. Hey wow that was awesome! Thank you for taking so much time and effort to answer my questions. That was some much needed help. Any questions you may have shoot away and I will try my best to answer accordingly.
  6. Thank you I really appreciate your input, i also helped write it as well so if you do have comments on that I'd definitely appreciate that as well. I'm a student learning all the aspects of film, so I'd love to improve in those areas. Thanks again for the complements.
  7. Maybe parts of it were but I know it was in the St. Pete area for some.
  8. Haven't heard of any films coming to Florida, have you?
  9. Thanks, I especially like your comment about working on lighting because obviously day ext are pretty easy but shooting day int at night is another story.
  10. If you think it sucks let me know, but let me know why please. http://vimeo.com/37966005
  11. Please critique harshly! Thank you http://vimeo.com/37836073
  12. I know that we are supposed to contrast light against dark and dark against light, but how do you do that when someone is walking?
  13. So I was working on a film and I would like to know for the future what the correct use of gels would be in the following situation: We lit a room with tungsten lights. It was a day int. scene shot at night. We filled the room with diffused light. We shined a harsh light from one direction and flagged it for sunlight. Should the sunlight have a CTO on it for daylight. Also the following situation is similar: If all the lights have CTB on them, should the "sunlight" have no gels on it? This is a scenario in which there are NO windows actually seen; its a day int shot at night.
  14. Thank you very much for your input Mr. Mullen. Would you please expound upon what you mean in terms of the quality of the key light. How can we make this better? what are common mistakes?
  15. Obviously eye-light has been discussed before in these forums, but no matter how much I read up on it in these forums I have not seen a good SIMPLE explanation of how to achieve this. If someone could show me a tutorial video, or even a diagram showing placement, as well as exactly what type of light to use etc. it would be extremely helpful. Eye-light seems to distinguish the amateur productions from the professional. You may argue that this is not the case, however I have yet to see eye lights used on amateur sets. Obviously there are more important things to lighting, however I beli
  16. Archie, thank you for your input. I agree with what you said. I was not sure how to create a day for night int, this helped clarify that. Simon, the scene prior to this shows them when they first meet, I did not include this because it was shot by a different DP because of the instructions of the group project for school. I do not agree that simply offering a basket to a guy to help him is in any way self-centered but rather the opposite. If you are implying that there is a deeper meaning to these actions, then might I state that there are often instances when men (and women) are at emotional
  17. I agree it doesn't HAVE to be hard light, as in we had other options. But to acheive a look to recreate sunlight, we had hard light.
  18. Thank you. I really appreciate your input. I completely agree with what you had to say. Those are definitely mistakes, and here are why they happened. 1. the assignment was to show a scene without dialogue. "show not tell" 2. I completely agree 3. You're right, needs to be cut out. 4. The intent was to shoot a day scene at night, thus hard light. However, you're right. No one would think that there is a window there. 5. Yep. 6.True true. Thanks again. I'll go look at your videos. Also anyone else's input would really be helpful. Trying to perfect all my mistakes, so it would help to
  19. http://vimeo.com/23449003 This was a class project. Please comment on lighting, subjective and objective angles, camera height etc. Thank you
  20. So I have a shoot coming up monday. I am the DP. Who makes the shot list? Me, the director, or both? Please elaborate or your answer. Thank you.
  21. So I'm in the works of making a dance video. My inspiration is this video As you can see in the video, the editing is crazy. How do you get someone to be in the same place (same position in the frame) yet different backgrounds and environments. This video, at least most if not all, is shot in camera without greenscreen. Your advice would be very helpful.
  22. I would suggest starting the music sooner, and make sure your audio has continuity before the music starts. I suggest looking at this page
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