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  1. You guys are both completely right, the safety course sounds like a great idea. I just talked with production about sending my best boy to it (unfortunately I will be on a tech scout the day it's offered)
  2. Yup that's exactly what I had in mind! How big of a frame is that? 20x? Do you pretty much just have a bunch of chain vise grips to attach the rail to the basket and then a bunch of cheseboros for all the supports?
  3. This was a quick on the spot rig we had to do. The DP told me he needed the camera in front of the basket and we had until the director got there to finish. Pretty simple just bolted the ply wood thru the basket added a ratchet strap support in the front and clamped on his hi hat
  4. I'm Key Gripping a feature in the coming weeks and we will be needing to make a few fly swatters. I was wondering if anyone out there has any tips or suggestions to watch out for? I haven't personally made one myself but I have seen them made many times and have done a lot of condor/ scissor lift rigging for smaller rags and lights and such.
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