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  1. Better for filming. Outdoors, indoors, day light, night, ect. Good sounds, clear look, ect I am going to film narratives.
  2. Hello. I'd like to find a book on how to be a cinematographer for new people. You know, with plenty of examples, and where the writing isn't confusing for new people, like myself. I was also wondering if there is a book for the anatomy of a film camera, or something along those lines? Here's what I'd like to learn about: *tungstens *Film Stocks *Film Processing *Film recording cameras and formats *Cinematography *Lens *Lighting *Gripping * Camera Accessories You know, those kinds of things all explained thoroughly for newcomers like myself. Becuase when people start talking about these things, i have clue what they're saying: "Like, no, no. Super 35 is better than Anomorphic!" Things like that. Any comments will be much appreciated! Thank you! :)
  3. Which camera, in your opinion do you think is better and, why do you think it's better? hvx200a OR AG-HMC150? I'm going to buy one of the two cameras, and would greatly appreciate any comments!
  4. Okay. Thank you to you both! As well as finding PA jobs, is there any research I can do at home? Like books, internet sites, ect? Can either of you recommend me some that deals with my situation? Thanks!
  5. I'll take your advice on one condition, how do I go about learning this kind of information? I refuse to go to a school, so what you would you recommend me do? I'm extremely interested in learning more about these things, and would love to hear ways I can.
  6. Ha, yes. I meant was " will my lenses play a part in making the film look beautiful". I'm hiring a cinematographer as well. Which confuses me, is the Cinematographer supposed to order the camera and equipment needed for the shoot? Will do, thank you. So, because I have little knowledge about all these things, would the cinematographer (once hired) put together everything I need for my desired look, and then I order? Well, if you could, could you explain the difference between the two? (Primes, and Zooms) My knowledge between the two is very limited. Also, I'll be using a stedicam. And yes, I'm shooting in film, and will print. I greatly appreciate your answers, thank you!
  7. Thank you for the reply, much appreciated! But to be honest, I'm completely new to all of this. I KNOW I want to shoot my short on a 35mm Panavision, however I have NO clue about all the accessories you mentioned. Like film lenses for example. I want my short to look beautiful. Would the lenses play a part in that?
  8. How much would it cost to rent a Panavision 35mm for three weeks in the United States? And where in the world does one look to rent it? Thank you! :D
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