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  1. sugan reddy

    camera rental

    oh ok so dslrs are out of the list then.so will z5 or z7's do as the fs100 is quite costly and i could only afford two of those with a accessory's of one's:(
  2. sugan reddy

    camera rental

    hey thanx for the reply man.but down here loads of viscom students hire 5d and z5.still if u hav better ideas jus tell me exactly which one to get?i want to buy the latest ones and cheaper the better.u kno the prices??
  3. sugan reddy

    camera rental

    hey guys, am going to start a camera rental shop in Chennai.am planning to buy professional cameras for mainly short film and feature film making uses.since am an amateur can u pls guide me on what to buy and what to do.i am confused to buy a 5d or 7d or z5 or z7.am gonna buy 3 cams and with any combination of the four.the budget is 5.5 lack and am not sure where i would get the cams at lower costs.and the do tell me abt the extra accessory's i need to buy.kindly help me out. tanx.
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