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    learning EVERYTHING about being a DP. I am a sponge when it comes to cinematography.
  1. Im located in Orange county. I am looking to rent anywhere from San Diego to LA. sorry for not including that..
  2. Hi guys! I am a student filmmaker looking to rent a set of prime lenses for a short I am shooting. I'm looking into Cp2s and cooke s3s- s4s. if anyone can help me with my endeavor it would be much appreciated. If no one has what i am looking for, if you don't mind pointing me into the direction of where i can find a set, it would very helpful. Thanks in advance! MS
  3. Hey guys, I am really eager to shoot a short using super 16mm film. but I am nervous because of many reasons. 1) where am I going to get the right camera rental, film stock, and where is it going to be possessed, also how much will all this cost? 2) I am nervous about the over all image. With digital, when you look through the viewfinder, that's how your image will turn out for the most part. But with film what you see is not what you get. How do you know what your image will look like? 3) How do you know your getting the shot you want? Any answer or input is much appreciated! thank you. Mo Samra
  4. Very true phill, but the downside is obviously you're 50mm isn't going to be a genuine 50mm on the 7d. your going to need a wider range of lenses.
  5. Canon 7d. best best. great camera, only down side is the cropped sensor, but yo get a great camera for what your paying. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-EOS-7D-18-0-MP-Digital-SLR-Camera-Black-Body-Only-NEW-USA-WARRANTY-/140673858977?pt=Digital_Cameras&hash=item20c0d0bda1#ht_8092wt_1139 that will leave you with a nice amount for a lens or two.
  6. Hey guys im having trouble making up my mind on a decision I have to make. and I thought why not get the opinions of fellow cinematographers. to cut it short which would you rather choose A) 5d Mark II with 24-70Lseries lense: $3,200-$3,500 B ) 5d mark III with 24-70Lseries lense: 5,000 my obvious conflict is the money, is it really worth it? thanks guys:)
  7. well, that about sums it up. well done response.
  8. Hey guys, first off I want to say thanks for everyone's feedback on all my previous Topics. I've got another question I hope some of you can help me out with. I am really eager to intern/work at a studio. does anyone know where I could possibly apply for an internship? Also if you know any studio that fits the criteria I'm looking for please let me know! thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys, thanks so much on all the responses and feedback on this topic! does anyone know where I could find a basic 16mm camera I can practice with? also where I would purchase the flm stock for it?
  10. thanks guys! Adrian, you stated It's the "knowing how to shoot film and expose it" which is generally a lot more nebulous and difficult. Thats what my main concern is, is there anyway I can learn proper methods for film by a book/ video tutorial or anything that can help me out?
  11. I shoot stills all the time, i have a canon A-1 that I use. but i feel like the prosses of loading the camera making sure everything is alright/ working with the cameras setup all is allot harder and different.
  12. so its possible for a student who has never shot with super 16mm film to make a project? and thank you guys so much for the feedback!
  13. Film is much more forging than digital. You want to err on the side of OVER exposure as opposed to UNDER exposure as it's more range on the highlight side of things. Im a bit confused on the first statement, could you possibly clarify please? thanks for the rest of the information!!! very helpful:)
  14. thanks for the tips guys! but on the side of getting a correct exposure, and good image, is it hard to accomplish on film?
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