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    Photography, Vintage Cameras, antiques, ethnography, vintage...almost anything:) travel, sailing, horses, diving, skiing, fashion, history, art from neolithic to modern, ideas, architecture, the science and psychology of color, physics, cuisine, a fine wine, industrial buildings...the list is long

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  1. Hi All, I just shot a "short" project on Super 35 and composed for Scope 2.40:1. In order to maintain the best quality image once we enter the digital work flow for transfer and editing prior to out put to film......Is it best to: 1. go to Telecine, transfer to hard drive/ fire wire... 2. do our edit/ assembly cut (Final Cut Pro) 3. go to DI and out put to film for the Answer print Would we loose any image (right or left) on the final out put back to film to make room for the optical sound track or would it be blown down equally to accomodate the sound track. I'm concerned as we framed hard right and left at times. Pro's and Con's ? Thank you in advance! Respectfully, Cira
  2. Shooting the sun full frame in 16mm to open/ begin a transition shot. Any recommendations for special filtration? thank you.
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