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  1. Did you have any experiences with mounting ccd camera with cctv lens and monitor to have a video assist on your Bolex? Which camera and which focal length would I need?
  2. Hi Dom, what generally about the viewfinder? People are saying the Bolex viewfinder is very dark so it's making It almost impossible to focus in darker interiors. Is that true?
  3. I've heard a about the dark viewfinder in Bolex cameras. People say it's making it almost impossible to focus in interiors, is it really so bad?
  4. Thanks guys! I think I will have to change my mind :(
  5. Hi guys! Im considering to buy A-minima. My question is what about loading? The camera takes only 200' ? Will it be possible to use the standard Kodak 100feet? Thanks for your help!
  6. i'm going to shoot a short night scene on Alexa. I'll have 2x 4k hmi and cherry picker. I just want to achieve a gently ambient cross light for the car and the character with some trees and field behind. Do you think that will do if i'll shot on 1600ASA? Do you have any good references for shots like that?
  7. Do you remember the scene when the girl is laying on the bed and he lights are getting darker and derker, but she has still has a strong eye light? how did he achieve this? any ideas?
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