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  1. Yes Guy I know that, but we strategically film early or late in the day when light levels are less. Or use other techniques to knock the light levels down on the windows, if needed. Just looking for something more punchy then a DIVA, that does not have a ballast as we don't have time to move around large lights and we do set ups on beaches, forest, large back yards, so portability is key. I just want to know if anyone knows of anything different to the standard, GEKKO,Nila (thanks Frank, I have seen these at NAB, very cool) Litepanels, lowel Prime, FLO-Lights, Mole, Arri, LED-Z, etc such as the spanish company that make "the light" (very cool) or the "creamsource" out of australia. At the moment, the winner is the LED-Z superspot which I will demo next week. With Chimera, 2-3 times the brightness of a Diva! But hands on testing is required to see if its any good. I have used the Brute 16's on super yachts with great effect.
  2. I agree with you matthew but this is for a reality TV gig, not a film or commercial. I wouldn't say never to using LED for film or commercials, but only certain companies such as GEKKO.... All I am looking for is a well made, robust unit that can be bounced of a white'ish ceiling in a house or a reflector to create extra light levels, so we don't have to blow the windows all the time. Thanks Andy
  3. HI All I am looking for input into High Powered LED Lights. I am thinking of buying a LEDZ Superspot, for a job I have that requires battery powered lighting and with its reach, circular beam and output, nothing seems to come close. I used the Brute 16's two years ago and liked them a lot. Is there any genuine alternative to the superspots. Litepanels Hilio, I have read some bad manufacturing reports, and the output is no where near. Thanks Andy
  4. Andy Thompson


    I don't agree with that statement, but thanks for the clarification. Some shows here use 2K to get extra focal length from their lens, for instance.
  5. Andy Thompson


    Was that at High Speed Stephen.
  6. Andy Thompson


    Hi I am shooting some B-roll of a sport event for a commercial on friday night. We will be using the EPIC at 2K, shooting 300fps or maybe 240fps (so we can lower compression). I have read somethings about the 2K being chunky in the blacks with noise. Has anyone experienced this? Will be shooting with the optiomo 24-290 to give myself a fighting chance under stadium lighting. Cheers Andy
  7. For links on 3D cameras check out www.s3ddb.com I used it to find 3D rigs for a job and check it out now and again.
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