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  1. If anybody needs VFX Im everytime ready to fix your desires. I work with Maya, C4d, Aftereffects,Blender, FCP,Premiere.... My Reel is under: The latest short film Trailer you find on: Its a swiss Production... Thanks for looking the stuff
  2. Hello Swiss Freaks Are there some guys from Switzerland out there??? Switzerland is very underdevelopped in making films. It means there is no work for moviemakers. There are 2 ways: working on a tv station, or make your own movies without any budget and support. T would like to make contact with other swiss guys interessted in moviemaking. If there exist people in CH.
  3. What do you guys think about this Grading. I made it on Apple Color with a FSI reference Monitor. I used a MXO2. Does anybode use the same card Mxo2????? Because always when I chance from color to FCP the card doesnt update the changement. Its only stable in Apple color. In AE is no chance to use the reference Monitor with the MXo2. Does anybody have the same Problems??? Thanks for responses
  4. Hello Guys We are filmakers from Switzerland. Its a No Budget Project. Please critique my work. What are you guys thinking about the color Grading. TOTENTANZ greetings Gerald Ruppen
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