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  1. Congrats James and thanks for the advice. This site has always been helpful, I it just came as a surprise and comments were made. If I could I would just delete this whole post.
  2. Walmart also sells plungers. With a higher rating. http://mobile.walmart.com/m/phoenix;jsessionid=36BDB48C62CD11851A0459B836D0185C#ip/Plumb-Craft-Hide-A-Plunger/19296016?type=search
  3. Thanks Nicole Ashley Daniel Castro David Lane for making a donation http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cannes-festival-funding/x/2847880?c=home

  4. I cannot accept that, I will make sure to send you pictures
  5. I am new to the whole asking for money thing, so I am unsure of what to present to people in such a case to help get there attention. I am a full time student and work full time as a stocker in a grocery store. Unfortunately, and yet fortunately, I have a few internships; I am glad to have the opportunity to intern, but the downfall is the money I miss out on. My money goes to supporting myself when I do intern. This is why I started a fundraising campaign and put myself out there. Most of my friends and people I know have not seen my art or videos, so to expose myself like this was not easy. All I ask is for support; with constructive advice or financial assistance. With this forum I understand I shouldn't exploit the fact that I will be at a party or two, but I should focus on the film I will be making at Cannes.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely adjust my campaign around them. The short is Mellow, I still need to work on the color correction.
  7. Thanks for supporting your fellow filmmaker. I hope one day, when I grow up, I can be as lucky to direct a film as great as The Dogfather. Maybe if I get to Cannes I will learn the hidden secrets of what it takes to be a legend, like wearing a director's viewfinder or looking through a camera.
  8. I have recently been accepted to participate in the Canne Film Festival filmmaking program with Creative Minds Company. In the filmmaking program I am put into a group of fellow filmmakers and given a computer, camera, mic, and 7 days to make a film which will then be screened and judged by industry professionals. With this program I will be able to attend in the Canne Film Festival screenings, parties, and its beautiful location. Mingling with A list filmmakers and fellow students as well. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/canne-festival-funding/x/2847880 Along with my Cinematography reel https://vimeo.com/55330379 and Vimeo account Vimeo.com/capsules Thank you guys so much!
  9. Here is my Demo Reel https://vimeo.com/55330379
  10. Hello out there. I was curious on what gels you guys use to simulate candle light? From both Subtle to a deeper warm color. As well as Moonlight? From both the deeper to just a subtle cool color. And what colored gels would go great together to simulate moon and candle light? Thanks for the responses, Brady Hall
  11. Thank you KH Martin, I will look up all of that.
  12. For some reason I couldn't log into my original account (this one), so I had to make the Capsules account. But now this account is working.
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