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  1. Yes, we use a platform at times but we have several techniques we try to use depending on the material we are shooting
  2. I personally did not like the print that I saw of "American Gangster". I wished it had a little more color. I love desaturated images but felt the OZ process took it to far. The look was a little to muddy as well. I love the cinematography of Harris Savides but just did not like the OZ process. Also after viewing the DVD which I am sure was scanned from the negative not the print, I felt it did not look at all the same. So why print with OZ when the DVD looks so different. Of course I would love to print in the Dye Sublimation process anyway so maybe that is why people will choose OZ I would love to see the OZ process with more color in the production design. I love bleach bypass with desaturated color.
  3. What I mean by color profiles are if someone like your self tested some looks and had the settings that refer to dfferent looks, I could input these settings and use thenm as a base for creating the saved profiles that I will use on the film. If these all deal with the color matrix so be it. I am just looking for some help as this will be my first time altering the default setting in the camera. I have spoke to my friend Paul Cameron and have talked about the Matrix but I do not have the time to commit to that now. If somebody has notes on looks that would help a lot. It would be a good place to start. Regards, Dana Gonzales
  4. thank you for your reply. I am trying not to get into the Color Matrix unless I have to. If someboby has profiles that have atltered color matrix I would like to check them out. I am trying to set some exterior and interior looks for a Feature Film I am shooting. Going to deep in the color matrix is a big commitment as it is hard to come back if taken to far. Regards, Dana Gonzales
  5. Hello Does anybody have or know where to get some Panavision HD 900F color profiles that I can test out to start as a base. I want to preset some looks in the camera. I am most likely going to desaturate the color and boost highlights. I know how to do this in the camera but if their was some other color profiles I could test that would be great. Yes i know I can do some of this later, but I would like to light with this look on the monitor. Thanks in advance Dana Gonzales
  6. I just saw the movie "Alfie" with Jude Law. It looked like 5218 I just wanted to see if anybody knew for sure. Regards, Dana Gonzales
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