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  1. Thanks, now I got both sides of the subject 🙂 Without me opening another thread, can I ask if there s a chart for super 8 projector throw distances? Can't seem to find one. I'm thinking about very small projections (so I think long lens, will 33mm be enough and is there any longer lens for super 8?) Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks for your answer, and sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice I got a response. I am assuming that the smaller the projection is and also the bigger the film size format is, the sharper the corners? am I right in this?
  3. Hi, I don't know much about film projectors. When I see videos on youtube I often notice the super 8 projectors have very soft edges and corners. Is there a projector that has instead sharp edges? Thanks
  4. I'm thinking...would I complicate my life too much by running a second eumig r2000 and loop the film while running on both projectors?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to find the developing times for colour reversal Wittner 200D but I can't. Do you guys know? Thanks
  6. Ok , thanks! I have a friend that could be interested in helping me out with replacing the bulb with an LED one. One last question, once the exhibition is done, do I break the loop where the splice has been done, trying to take the tape away? or do I have to make a new cut?
  7. Thanks a lot. Probably I will have a timer on the plug so that switches off every 15 minutes for 5 minutes and then starts again. Do you think it would help if I open up the side of the projector (where I can change the bulb) and place a small fan facing it? Also, I am reading online that with the CIR guillotine the splice will be less noticeable when projected. would you recommend it or a press tape splice would be stronger? Thanks!!
  8. thanks so much. so, I think i got it. Something like this (sorry about the crappiness of the drawing - and ignore the grey horizontal line on the back). [img]https://imgur.com/a/iVHfo[/img]
  9. Great. sorry I literally don't have any knowledge in film projection. So, what I would have to do is to just join the ends right? Is it possible also to loop for a longer duration?
  10. Hi everyone, For an art installation, I would really like to use the Eumig r2000 instaprojector. My question is...is there any possible way to loop the film? Even for 10 seconds. The longer the better, but I could do also with very short time. Thanks a lot
  11. Hello, (I don't have much experience in filmmaking). For a project, I am planning to make some 3d animations mixed with some digital footage. My plan is to then shoot the projection of this video in film (either super8 or 16mm). My questions are: is this doable? what kind of digital projector do you recommend? is there going to be any flickering problem? what about color balance? thanks.
  12. Thanks everyone. Coming from photography the Super 8 frame turned, for me make kind of a big difference. Just look at 4x5 photography, vertical and horizontal pics. Mmm anyway this sounds tricky..the use of a prism i guess would bring too much attention to the viewer, unless I can kind of hide that. The tape I guess I just have to give it a try and see how it looks. Thanks F
  13. Hi Jean-Louis, my bad. English is not my first language. For vertically I meant "portrait format" oriented video. Does it make sense? Thanks, Francesco
  14. Hi everyone, I do mostly photography and for an installation I'm planning to project some super 8 videos i'm planning to shoot. My question is, can I project them vertically? I don't have a super 8 projector and I've never used it, so I've no idea if that can be challenging. Thanks, Francesco
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