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  1. alot of people are viewing because they need help on this, is there anyone out to share some links with us, please. let me be the first person to share a website with you guys. i find this website have some DIY lighting gears: http://www.jorenclark.com/whitepapers.html hope u guys will post some links too!
  2. guys i know this question already asked before this in the forum. but we still having difficult to find some DIY lights for our movies. 1-please share the cool websites you know to do lighting gears on own. 2-if u can re post the DIY lighting gear question already asked in this forum again here it will be a great help for us sir. 3-share any good article about DIY lighting gears. our team have the money now in hand to do our own lighting gears. we don't want to waste our money on useless do it yourself lighting gear for our DSLR movie. so please share with us some good lighting gears that we can do our own. we already done alot of things for our camera like steady cam, dolly, crane etc. now we need lighting gears. i really appreciate your time to answer my question. it will be a great help for me sir, thankx in advance.
  3. justin go easy. i already thank him that he helped me in PM. u don't have to use the word annoying since it don't do any good for anyone. everyone trying to learn from each other and david's reply will help thousands of young cinematographer who view this post because it was clear with an example. anyway thankx for u too justin to correct my behaviour.
  4. common guys, show me how bad the image will look like if there is no eyelight, please give more examples guys, so we can understand better....
  5. hey guys why eyelight is very important even in our technology developed film world? can u guys give me any example of a good eyelight image from any movie and a poor eyelight or no eyelight image. show me how bad the image will look like if there is no eyelight.. please guys lets learn from each other, don't hesitate to show any picture as example.. thankx in advance!
  6. any more suggestion guys??? please keep this post active..
  7. any other suggestion sir please, is there not even one dvd product or book can teach me some advance lighting??
  8. hello guys, i don't know how many of u can understand my frustration. i already learn basic of lighting, i really want to know advance lighting. i want to light scene's like professional. can anybody tell me any good dvd product will teach me that. how did u guys learn to light like professional?? i want to educate myself...
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