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  1. It also has a plug in for a 6 volt charger or something like that, do i need to plug it in and charge it before it will work? or are the batteries enough?
  2. When looking on super 8 wiki it says this camer needs 6 AA bateries to run and I found the place to put 4 batteries. Where do the other 2 go? Also, how do you test to see if the camera is working. Thanks, Paul Royar
  3. on the right side of the camera a bit below the 35 button.
  4. I apologize for the very dumbed down questions but I am extremely new and want to get an understanding. There is a button on the top of my camera with 35 on it, what is this? and there is a dial with a guard on one side of it below the button and I'm not sure what this is as well. Again I apologize for the dumb and vague question but any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
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