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  1. Jordan, This is a challenging topic post. I've been analyzing this screenshot for a while trying to imagine what lights were used to create this type of mood. I agree with David Mullen's instinct that the light source striking the back wall is coming from the right side of frame, judging from the shadows of the two small lamps on the back wall. I'm curious about something, and I'd like the opinion of others who've already posted. The shadows on the back wall seem rather sharp. This would lead me to think that the light source isn't soft. But, perhaps I'm mistaken, because of the clos
  2. I'm curious if anyone knows of an example of this technique used in a film. I've read that it's used in the movie Speed RAcer, but I've yet to see that movie. I know it's kind of a lame reason to want to watch a movie, but now I want to see it just to see how this effect plays on screen. For those who aren't familiar with the concept; Let us imagine a shot in which a character is rather close to the lens in about a MCU. The focus is on him, we're at a F/1.4 or maybe a F/2 with an Variable ND 2.1 in front of the lens. Two shadowy figures walk up behind our foreground character and st
  3. Thanks a lot, Ross. If you have a hard copy and you're bringing it back to school, I have a scanner you can use to create a PDF.
  4. I got a pretty good deal on a Spectra Professional IV-A-SP Spot Metering System on E-Bay. However, it didn't come with an owner's/instruction manual. Does anyone know where to find one I can download or buy? I've been searching around Google for a while with no luck.
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