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  1. Thanks for all your kind and helpful replies! I talked to some professors and colleagues about this. Some recommended the Spectra meter, because it's got the reputation, and a Pentax Digital Spotmeter, just because they've been using it for years...They said it's just a personal preference thing but I do need to calibrate meters every once in a while..Guess I'll just go with the L-758 Cine since this combo is the cheapest for a new unit. (eBay brand new CE model is about ~580, but a new Spectra+used Pentax Digital Spotmeter is about 900-ish) Most of them find Sekonic good meters too but they can be pricy...and that's why I'm not getting the FCC model for the radio triggering...because I don't do photography....
  2. Hi all, I'm a student filmmaker who wants to pursue my career in Cinematography, and I know I have long way to go.... Since I'll be getting my Financial Aid money next week, I think it's a good time to purchase a light meter. I'm now looking at Sekonic L-758Cine, because it's a combination of a incident meter and a spot meter, however, I have some questions regarding the product and I need you guys' opinion... What's the difference between L-758Cine and L-758DR? what exactly does that shutter angle option do? Is it worth the 200 dollar difference between the two models? What about the EU model with frequency of CE standard and the US model with the FCC frequency? CE model on eBay cost under $600 but the FCC model cost well over 800. I have no idea what that mean, and I tried to google it, what I got was a Pocketwizard transmitter related topic, which I also have no idea. Also, is there another alternative to this meter? should I just get a incident meter and buy a spot meter later on, or is there any other recommendation? I don't want a cheap meter for student, I want a decent one that's future proof, since it's likely I won't replace my meter until....like....when I get a ASC membership...after 500 years.... Also...Is there any way to get student discount? I know filmtools offers discount on Sekonic meters but does anyone know how much exactly? If the CE (EU) version works well to satisfy my need, maybe I'll just go that route, for about 580 dollars.... Thanks! Evan
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