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  1. Thanks for all your kind and helpful replies! I talked to some professors and colleagues about this. Some recommended the Spectra meter, because it's got the reputation, and a Pentax Digital Spotmeter, just because they've been using it for years...They said it's just a personal preference thing but I do need to calibrate meters every once in a while..Guess I'll just go with the L-758 Cine since this combo is the cheapest for a new unit. (eBay brand new CE model is about ~580, but a new Spectra+used Pentax Digital Spotmeter is about 900-ish) Most of them find Sekonic good meters too but the
  2. Hi all, I'm a student filmmaker who wants to pursue my career in Cinematography, and I know I have long way to go.... Since I'll be getting my Financial Aid money next week, I think it's a good time to purchase a light meter. I'm now looking at Sekonic L-758Cine, because it's a combination of a incident meter and a spot meter, however, I have some questions regarding the product and I need you guys' opinion... What's the difference between L-758Cine and L-758DR? what exactly does that shutter angle option do? Is it worth the 200 dollar difference between the two models? What about the EU
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