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  1. Hey Guys! I’m from Sweden, 23 years old, and is currently working as a 2nd AC in big Swedish features and do some smaller cinematography gigs when I have time to spear. I’m also in my last semester taking a bachelor in film science and I´m now writing a 25-page essay which is going to be focused on some aspect in cinematography. But I’m not really sure about my topic, which is at the moment: Sven Nykvist role in being one of the first to use a more naturalistic lighting approach and how it have affected todays cinematographers in their lighting technique. If you had 3 months to dig in archives, read old cinematography magazines, do interviews, watch films ect? What would you write about, what would you want to know? Thanks! :) If you would want to have a look at my showreel its here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lXbBkQsc30&feature=youtu.be
  2. Hey Adrian! Yeah im going to take it, but i meant what would you do for the money and do in LA to practice and develop existing cinemtarography skills? Do you get what i mean?
  3. Hey guys! Let say you would were grant a scholorship to go to Los angeles for three months and 7500$. And the the point of the scholorship beeing to practice and develop existing cinemtarography skills in a new environment and under new conditions, as well as give the fellow a glimpse into the world of film in Los Angeles. What would you do? Tips? Appriciate for the answers!
  4. Hey Anthony! Famu is 20 000 euros/ year - the master is two years and NFTS is 21,500 Pounds a year. the master is three years, or two not sure. Both are good school, but the best one is the question. :)
  5. Hey everyone! The topic says most of it, witch one is the best and why? Either the new english Master in Cinematogrpehy at FAMU in Praug or NFTS in London. Any other europen school you think is any good? Cheers!
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Rasmus Eriksson. I´m the cinematographer on a small short film with limited budget shot in Sweden. Next week we are filming from a plane, a cessna 172 actually. http://www.m0a.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/cessna-172p-m0a.jpg My question is, how much stabilizing do i need? Do you have any tip for Grip + Equipment (take in mind the VERY limited budget, pretty much none, we are even filming with DSLR)? Anything I should think about m.m? Thank you very much for your answer!
  7. Hey, worked with a guy today, who had worked with a guy who called himself and had the title "super grip". And what he said was that there were some requirement you had to fulfill to take that title. Exampel: 30 knots Know pretty much 20 jib- arms & cranes inside out. and so on. To me this sounds like bullshit and just bragging. But also a bit cool if it were true, something to aim for. Do anyone know anything about this? And if its true know the exact requirement? // RE
  8. Thx Guys for the answer! And Robert your answer just came really handy, we are actually spending two hole weeks in a mine, shooting a TV-series. So i will bring some extra putty knife, just in Case i might need one or two! // Rasmus
  9. Hey! Whenever I rent stuff i always get the Putty knife in my Grip case. I can honestly say that I Never used it! In Uva´s Grip Guide there is a explanation but I still dont really understand what is for. What is your experience of this tool? And what do you use it for? Best regards Rasmus Eriksson
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