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  1. I agree with some of what Tom said. The reel could be shorter. Maybe 1-2 minutes. But overall, I think you clearly have plenty of material to demonstrate a true proficiency with the medium. So yes, to echo Tom, I'd cut it down and keep only your best "money" shots. Who will be watching this? Ad execs? Directors? Pick an audience and cut it how they'd want to see it. As for me, I can't even watch a video online if it's longer than 60 seconds unless I force myself through it.
  2. Tons of great shots in here, looks like you've done a lot of cool projects. My only thought is that it might be a good idea to group a few of the shots with similar colors and intensity together. In other words, if we really feel the progression and shift in mood and tone rather than jumping back and forth between different scenes and styles, it could maybe help the flow. A very small critique though; shots are great!
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