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  1. Thanks all for the responses! that cleared a lot up!
  2. just to verify the Arriflex 35iic used 35mm stock, so it's full-frame, meaning 18mm is the focal length.
  3. So I just learned that one of Stanley Kubrick's favorite lenses was an 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro on an Arriflex 35iic. I'm a little unsure tho, that in terms of 35mm full frame camera (ie. Canon 5DmkII). Would that lens equate to 18mm? if not, then what would be the focal length? Thanks for the clarification!
  4. I understand requirements will vary depending on situations and circumstance. I'd like to know how people prepare for the unexpected. A lot of research will need to be made up front, but going somewhere you've not familiar with and still be flexible. Especially if say you'll be away for maybe months, so I'm not sure how many here would be satisfied using one lens (even if its a zoom) for what may be half a year for every situation. yeah, not an easy answer I figure, thanks for the input :D
  5. so yeah, advice on what to take and how to take it... i was just watching this clip ( ) documenting a couple's trip to patagonia.they spent five weeks on the road and cover what looks to be some remote areas, carrying some serious (not some P&S) gear ("Canon 1D mark IV + full Canon lens package - 17 tilt shift, 24, 50, 70-200, polarizer, gradient filter, monopod, tripod") and it made me think, for a trip of that duration (or longer) and if you're on a budget (in terms of domicile and transport...I'd bring my own lenses)...how would you pack for that? what video/photo-graphy gear would you think is essential? and how would you carry all that about?! how about for a more urban tour? like backpacking through Europe. my first shot at the ideal MINIMUM list would include: DSLR, wide prime, standard prime, portrait prime, 2x Extender, tripod + ballhead, filters (variable ND, polarizer), intervalometer, Memory Cards, goPro. And I think a computer or some hard drive would be necessary to transfer data off the cards for backup. So that's already a lot to carry around, especially if my lodgings aren't so secure (or small) and I must take it all with me or I need to run to catch my next transfer. any thoughts or advice by experience would be appreciated, as I expect I'll run into this dilemma soon. Thanks!
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