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  1. I'm in a vocational film production program at a local community college. My crew and I have been assigned to recreate a scene from a film. In an effort to choose something that will let us, as beginners, learn to do things like capture usable audio and work quickly as a crew, I selected a relatively simple scene from Inception. We are supposed to match as closely as possible the lighting, focal lengths, camera movements etc. of the original scene. The particular scene is the one in which DiCaprio's character visits Michael Caine's character in his lecture hall. This scene can be found in the film at approximately 30 minutes into the film, as well as on youtube, however I will not link to it here, as I seem to understand that is a no-no. I have a basic setup in mind, but I would love if anyone had any further input on this scene. As it stands now, I'm going to be using two 1250 HMIs to simulate the daylight source (from the windows) in both reversals on subject and background, and I have access to a number of different lowel and arri kits to properly light the subjects. Also, near the end, on DiCaprio's coverage, there is what looks to be a bit of lens flare. Is that it, or is that what it looks like when someone forgets to put a donut in a matte box? Just a point of curiosity. We're shooting on a Canon 60d with the Technicolor CineStyle preset. I have access to Zeiss Distagon EF lenses as well as various mid grade and l series canon lenses of all focal lengths. Camera grippage and such isn't really an issue, however I'm really new to all of the film trades, as well as directing. Since I'm coordinating all of this and my crew is all newer than I am, I would really appreciate some input, because juggling managing performances of actors while also acting as a Chief Lighting Technician is not something I am talented enough to do! I appreciate any input on this one.
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