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  1. Ahh Ok.. I was thinking because the SDI menu option in Camera has "AUTO" or 1080i or 480 as options that it only outputs 1080i or 480i. That clears up my confusion. Appreciate it.
  2. So regardless of the 1080i30 output of the HPX170 if you set your capture device to say 1080p23 that's what you will capture even though the camera is sending out 1080i30?
  3. The HPX170 outputs 1080i via HD-SDI regardless of recording mode correct? So for example if you selected 1080p24 in the recording menu the HD-SDI output will still be 1080i30. Isn't progressive better than interlaced? Probably silly question and just trying to understand the workflow better with the HD-SDI output. I have it connected to my MXO2 but haven't really done much with it since I'm unsure of the footage issues I will run into.
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