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  1. Hello Guys, I'm Srinath from India, i would like to work under a real professional DOP as a intern..i have been searching in India and foreign as well. I would be very glad if u help me with any info you guys are having.. Thank you in advance :)
  2. Hello Guys, How to creat dust like in the below pic artificially?? Thanks in Advance Srinath...
  3. Thnq all for ur responses:) Also help me where i can find lee141 filters?? any online shoping?? (I'm from India)
  4. Thnq Brian:) Can u give any other sources of 2k??
  5. Hey guys, I require a lighting similar to the type in this pic.. Here the light seems to be of from sunlight buts actually it's a night scene which was lit artificially..Actually i need a lighting which seems to be like from a bright sun light.. Help me how i can do!! It's a short film with very low budget, we are using canon 550d.. Also let me know the specifications of coloured gels if at all can help us with these kind of shot.... Kindly help me with the knowledge on voltages too (any books/blogs/videos)!!!! Thankyou :)
  6. Hi Phil What we are doing is we make the space underexposure as desired about -1 and we use LED lights for making the persons bright thinking that we can get good contrast but that's not we experience in laptops..I think there is no histogram feature in canon550d..If i'm wrong please enlighten me:) Thank you..
  7. Guys, Please help me with these,I'm srinath from india making a short film.. The difficulty we are facing is that the lighting/exposure with what we shot with dslr(canon 550d) is not the same when we check it in laptop afterwards.. The exposure is actually too low in laptops though we feel it as correct exposure while shooting..What's the problem?? can u guys please explain??? How to get desired??
  8. thank you Naz:) Guys one more doubt what about the entrance exam?? how it will be?? examanitation dates??? any other qualifications i need to have cause i'm from other nation India, like getting so and so score in GRE/TOEFL etc... please help me..
  9. i have seen this as it appeared first when i googled negative fill..thanq for responding:)
  10. thnq stuart :) that really helps in knowing much things in cinematography!!!
  11. Guys, Me n my frnds started a short film project,its based on drugs.. i need large contrast to set up on faces( with half face lit up and other half in dark) and backgrounds, but however we try we aren't able to get good contrast, we are using 2 LED lights and some sun glazes only since we dont have that much budget, so can u guys please help me with some tutorials for setting up lighting equipments for best contrast...
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