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  1. I have wondered the same. The was many advertising from Kodak about this new fancy camera. But it seems that there was not enough pre orders to start manufacturing. Pity, I kind of liked the idea of lcd viewfinder and the C-mount. Antonio
  2. Hi Will and Tom, Thank you for your answers, Antonio
  3. Hi, I am looking for cine-kodak K 100 camera at e-bay. I noticed that the camera has a single frame option, and my question is: is it possible to use a shutter release cable with this camera? I downloaded the manual, but I couldn´t find anything about the shutter release cable. Thank you, Antonio
  4. Antonio

    Jumping picture

    I used ektachrome 64t and the camera what I used is Canon 814XL-S. I have never before met this kind jittering problem with any other filmstock. Forexample the good old K 40 worked just fine, and tri-x also. So, could the filmstock cause jittering/jumping? Thanks, Antonio
  5. Antonio

    Jumping picture

    Hi, I resently shot landscape scene, and when I watched it with the projector, the imagae was slightly moving up and down. The movement was little but disturbing. When I shot the scene I was using a good tripod, so where´s the problem? Is there enything ( exept reshoot the scene) to solve the problem? Thanks, Antonio
  6. Hi, Thank you everyone for your answers! I have been thinking that the Bolex would suit for my projects better, so now I am starting to look one. Thank you once again! Antonio
  7. Hi! I have made some experimental films and animation with my Scoopic M. Now I have project, where I might need different lenses and perhaps 400 ft mag. I have considered two options, Arri 16S, arri 16M or Bolex EL. The question is: Is it easy to get time lapse/animation motors for arri cameras?I assume that Bolex EL has single frame function. Is there any other options wich I should take under consideration? With Thanks Antonio
  8. Antonio

    Arri links?

    Great website! Thank you Tim! Antonio
  9. Antonio

    Arri links?

    Iam considering buying an Arriflex 16 S. So,Iam looking for a website where I could find more info about buying an old Arriflex Camera? Thanks, Antonio
  10. Antonio

    Kahl film?

    Hi, Does anybody tried this Geman film Kahl Ut 18 chrome? Is It worth of testing? Thanks, Antonio
  11. Hi, does anybody know the exact size of Leicina RT fiter thread. It seems to be 55mm, but I am not sure. 55mm lenscap fits quite well. I am lookin a 85 b filter for my Leicina, any tips? Thanks, Antonio
  12. Hi guys, Thank you for your answers! Antonio
  13. Hi! Does anybody know, where I can order suitable batteries ( 12 v ) for my Scoopic 16 M ? I looked from ebay, but couldnt find any. Antonio
  14. Hi Lluís, and thanks again! Yes there is this small sound, when the camera is in "auto" , but I also hear similar sound when I push the aperture opening button. It Is a small cliking sound, like the motor wich doesnt start. If it is a mechanical problem, is it worth of fixing? I mean that I can alvwys use the external lightmeter, right? Camera seems working fine, exept this lightmeter problem. I have one test roll inside it, and Ishoot it and wait the results. Like you said, it´s reilable camera. I hope. All the best, Antti
  15. Hi Lluis, and thank yuo. 1. the lightmeter was like it, when I got the camera. 2.Yes, the camera was in "auto" when I tried it. 3.The T stops move freely manually. Is the problem in the internal switch? It keeps this small cliking sound, when I push the shutter button, could this be sign of worst scenario, the broken lightmeter motor? All the best, and thank you for your answers Antti Tanttu
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