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  1. I plan on shooting 16mm for the first time. It will for a black and white short film. My question is, if I shoot with color film and then post correct with software to black and white what are the pro/cons of doing so? The major reason I would like to do this would be for flexibility because I may wish to have a very few of the scenes in color and to leave more options. Just wondering if this is commonplace or if people think that the software might degrade the film quality. Thanks.
  2. Hello all- Recently I posted an ad online looking for crew/cast in my local area. This will be my first film, a short, and no budget to speak of. Surprisingly I have been getting some great replies from people. Some of them even just say: "Please send script, thx." My question is, is this normal or should i be more protective my script? Personally, I do not feel comfortable in sending it to total strangers on the computer and in fact, I would prefer to hand it out after, say, the first or second production meetings. Also, is it normal to have crew sign a confidentiality form even for a short film? I'm not trying to be an egomaniac here ,just wondering what is the norm here. Thank you.
  3. Wow. I feel ashamed because most of those on this site are industry professionals. ' Recently I purchased a Yashica Super 8 Electro 800 and am very soon going to be shooting my first test roll ever. Plan on shooting on a warm sunny day using Ektachrome 100D and doing a bracketed test to dial in my camera. Just wondering how exactly to go about doing this test. I know that the readings the camera gives are not to be trusted. Very sorry if this is a simple question, but I am very confused about this process. Thank you.
  4. Why not record to an external portable digital recorder?
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