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  1. Thanks Gregg, I wondered that same thing myself (in much less technical terms!). The zoom makes the camera super heavy, and yes, as the base of the battery and the lens are not parallel, you need to tilt the head forward to get a 90 degree shooting angle and so the whole arrangement is destabilised even further. I am yet to try the camera with the hand grip / with the battery pack, so hopefully that will make some difference. But I think you're right about just changing to C mount lens. Thanks a lot
  2. Hello All, thanks so much for your excellent responses and suggestions. I try to keep the camera as pretty clean as I can, but will be a bit more meticulous now. Also, as you've mentioned Dom and Simon about keeping the loops large, what else, in terms of loading could potentially impact on registration? As far as I know I am loading correctly and keeping the loops large enough, but I wonder whether there could be some other very minor intricacy I am failing to do correctly when loading the camera. Thanks for the registration test run down Dom, I'm looking forward to doing this. And will do a tripod test without the battery too - I have an external battery pack I can use - and see whether this makes an difference. Failing all this, it'll be off to the Beaulieu doctor. Thanks again, I'm very happy with all your really helpful comments.
  3. Hello All, I have a Beaulieu R16 with 12-120mm Angenieux lens that I've recently started using. It's been great so far, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to stabilise the camera/image. It's fine, or rather, the camera shake is not particularly noticeable on handheld shots and pans, but for stationary shots I'm getting a lot of camera shake. I'm using a pretty heavy duty Vinten video tripod with floor spreaders, so this I thought would be good enough to stabilise the camera itself, but there's still a really noticeable (to the point of distraction) amount of camera shake. To the eye it doesn't look at though the lens is shaking that much or at all itself so I can't tell if the problem is in the stability of the whole set-up - camera & tripod - or whether it is something more to do with the motor. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are common motor issues (over revving or something??) with the R16? And also wonder whether anyone has any tips generally on stabilising the R16 with the 12-120 Angenieux? It's such a heavy set-up and obviously the fact the R16 base plate is not parallel with the angle of the lens it means that the tripod needs to be tilted downwards to shoot straight-on, so not ideal for stability in any case! I guess the next alternative would be to use a shorter lens (as to be honest, I really don't utilise the zoom in the way that it's designed to be used). Many thanks for your time in advance.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm very new to working with 16mm and am still figuring the basics. I recently started using a beaulieu R16 and want to try out the 200ft extension mag. However, I'm not sure whether I can stick the Aaton spool straight in the beaulieu mag using the the spool adapter I have, or whether I need to spool the film onto a regular daylight spool, as the film on the Aaton 200ft load is wound emulsion out. Because I was given the 200ft spool adapter specifically for using with Aaton spools in other cameras, that would suggest I don't need to spool the film onto a different spool, but if I put the existing Aaton 200ft film spool into the beaulieu as is, the film, I think, will load with the emulsion the wrong way around. I'm having quite a bit of difficulty getting my head around this! Does anyone have any experience of this or any recommendations? Many thanks in advance
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