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  1. You are totally right! I'm new with this Ebay business and when I skimmed through Ebay.de for some Takumar lenses my head just registered the really expensive ones. My bad - but now when my eyes are open to all the inexpensive choices I have to ask you all this: Which one is more of an all around lens; the 55mm, 35mm or the 28mm?
  2. Hi guys! I just bought the Krasnogorsk-3 (with the stock Meteor-5-1 lens), which I am about to modify to an Ultra16 and now I'm trying to make up my mind about which prime lens to buy. I've been reading older posts about the K-3 and prime lenses, but still I'm unsure of which one to start with. So, I thought I might as well ask some K-3 owners for some advice. Which prime lens is your favorite and for what kind of shooting do you use it for? I'm looking for an all around prime lens. I know that the SMC Takumar 50mm / F1.4 is a pretty popular lens, but it's quite expensive - it costs almost as much as I paid for the whole camera. So I've been looking at the SMC Takumar 55mm / F1.8 and the SMC Takumar 28mm / F3.5. I have even looked at the SMC Takumar 35mm / F3.5 but is it too slow? Any kind of feedaback or thoughts are welcome. - Oskar
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