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  1. sturggled very much 2 find d setting how 2 change d name....altast succeed...happy sir..??
  2. but i really fix my camera angles aftr reaching d shooting spot..whether it is correct to change d angle and frame during shot..and is this a positive or negative..??
  3. thxx for yur reply..and next tym i wil make sure i type my full name..:)
  4. hi guys..this is me VIshal Maansingh from chennai. this is my second forum i want to know about lighting properly as a cinematographer, from the beginning. im very much out of options to choose what source to learn. so,could yu please help me to update myself as a cinematographer.
  5. hi, Im VishaL Maansingh from chennai. im a visual communication student doing my final year and i need some help for making cinematography storyboard for my first short film. my friend gave a typed copy of the script and now how do i have to do the storyboard.
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