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  1. Hey there I'm the DP on a tenacious short film project set in Zimbabwe without the budget (or balls) to go and shoot there. Team is looking for a colonial style farm house within LA area (90min radius max) that could double for Zimbabwe farm lands. Planning for extensive VFX BG augmentation/replacement, obviously, but a good start would be nice. Any ideas or experience with this?
  2. Hey all I'm a young cinematographer looking to increase my experience in lighting technique and aesthetic, but I am at the mercy of budget for rentals and productions to actually get the hands on time. Unfortunately, I don't have the $ to equip myself with name-brand (Arri, Mole, Kino, etc) equipment. Saw some fresnels on ebay that appear very similar to Arri builds and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with these "knock-offs." Listed some links below. I'm sure the barndoors and stands will be a little janky, but I'm more concerned about the light quality. I'm strongly considering it as it would be nice to just be able to throw some cans in the car and go, rather than deal with the whole rental/borrow situation. In terms of a kit, was looking at getting a couple 1ks, 2 650s and 2 300s. Thanks! 1kw fixture 650s
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