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  1. re: "Panavision machined 100mm 2x anamorphic lens based on a Canon 100mm f/2" Phil, First: the isco shots look great...a really interesting look for the high end Canon DSLRs... Second: your still shot of Hollywood and Highland is AWESOME. The grail. Is that your Panavision modified Canon 100 f2?? Which leads to: 3) Have you shot any of the Panavision C, E, G series anamorphics on the 5DMkII? Do any of them cover the full frame? Will Panavision even rent them for this application? 4) What specifically did you have Panavision make for your Canon 100mm f2? An anamorphic front element? Any elaboration on specifics, cost, a pic of the results would be great to see/hear... Thanks in advance for your posts and answers. - Stephen
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