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  1. Hi Phil, there isn't really much advantage if you're recording 444 in camera, as the Samurai can only do 422 HQ, but the waveforms actually seem quite comprehensive (although I'm no expert), and the slightly larger screen size is nice. I'll be switching to the Shogun once Arri publish the UHD firmware upgrade towards the end of the year though.
  2. Thanks Freya, and fair comment! I didn't want to comes across that way at all, is there a way for me to remove the post in the camera section?
  3. Manned Camera Limited Arri AMIRA, lighting and grip rental in SW London Grosvenor Court Grosvenor Hill London SW19 4RX Open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday by appointment. Telephone: +44 (0) 7717 514 991 Email: kieron@mannedcamera.com Website: http://mannedcamera.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/mannedcamera Twitter: http://twitter.com/mannedcamera Manned Camera works in partnership with Decode, a long established and well respected camera and grip rental company in SW London, and are proud to be amongst the first to offer Arri AMIRA hire in the UK. We offer camera, g
  4. I'm really excited to let you know about a new project I've just set up, Manned Camera Limited. http://mannedcamera.com I have been making amateur films for a number of years, and aspire to becoming a professional cinematographer in time. With that in mind, a little while ago I gave up my day job and began making corporate videos (usually about power-kiting in one form or another - one of my other passions). The corporate work paid a few bills, but the trouble was that I was working in a vacuum, and felt that I never really had many opportunities to gain experience in the areas tha
  5. Hello, First post and all - sorry if this has been covered endlessly elsewhere, and sorry if it's Mac specific: Something I've never understood with vimeo is exactly why, whilst publishing recommended compression settings, they re-encode everything you send them - even if you stuck rigidly to their requirements. Lately I've been having an issue with their re-enocding causing significant worsening of banding and artefacts - so much so that I've been on a hunt for a better quality H.264 encoder (than that found in Compressor). Previously my typical Vimeo settings in compressor were
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