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  1. Heya, I just found out that Ice film no longer are agents for Aaton ant that apparently there is no Aaton agency anymore in London, UK. Is that true? Means I have to get my Aaton serviced in France or something. Anyone here on this forum who has a suggestion where in London I could get an Aaton serviced? By the way how often should you send film cameras for service? At Ice film they told me that there was too little demand and that I was the first in over two months calling them regarding Aaton. Dark days for film :( Plus Deluxe in Soho no longer develops 16mm. Technicolor are the only ones left in London. It doesn't make any sence because majority of films are still being shot on film and whst I've heard is that it's never been a better time to shoot on film becsuese of the stock & DI we have. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. I have an S16mm Aaton camera that I bought on ebay. It was stated that it was Aaton XTR. When I got it I looked at images online as well as manual and those "XTR'S" look a bit different. I tried to search online for answers but without luck. Which Aaton do I actually have? Serial is C 1673. On the PL mount there's a sticker that says "Les Bosher" which means it has most likely been converted to S16mm. http://nullproduction.webs.com/fffff.JPG http://nullproduction.webs.com/aaa.JPG
  3. Hi, I just got a S16mm Aaton XTR package. I'm currenly just trying to see if everything works. I was going to put the long eyepiece on but the lid/cap seems to be stuck. I don't want to be too experimental in trying to open it and so just wanted to see if you guys have any tips? Cheers, Magnus
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